Team Building

Team Building is imperative to keep any team working together.  We have on offer some fun team building events with different themes to suit your people.


Theatrical team building day

Regent Theatre Ipswich and other theatres local to you

You choose from a selection of activities from planning, creating and directing adverts and sketches, singing in harmony, and setting movement or dance moves to musical theatre songs. Not sure? You could always just do the stage make-up lessons!


Fun problem solving team building

Various venues local to you

You choose the exercises and overview for the day from a selection of problem solving exercises and real work scenarios, to build rapport and understand how your team works together.


Under the Microscope team building

Various venues local to you

Kill two birds with one stone – finding better ways to work and team building at the same time! We facilitate a workshop to take a microscope to work processes, or the whole organisation, to discover what you may be able to do better faster or cheaper, making it fun and productive at the same time.

To tailor your team building day ring Jane Warden Director and Trainer on 07713256139.