Our Services

Client Service

Pre-course meetings to finalise course content and to discuss any additional role-play scenarios, or exercises specific to delegate needs. 

Client review meetings every six months to review progress, along with assistance on training needs analysis.

Course Delivery

Training courses or workshops can be in the form of group training, ‘one to one’ personal development training, or desk coaching.  Training courses or workshops include activities and role-plays to aid the learning process.  Delegates also decide upon action points to implement after the course.

Course Portfolio

Training such as Personal Development, Management and Sales Training with no extra charge for course tailoring.

Quality Assessment

Every delegate assesses if his or her objectives were met by completing a post-course evaluation.

Delegate Support

A pre-course questionnaire and a copy of the course overview are sent to each delegate so that they can then discuss with their manager their personal objectives for the course.  They will also receive a telephone call from the trainer to outline the course contents to ensure any course tailoring is catered for.

Each delegate receives a detailed workbook on the course.

Post-course support is available to all delegates.

Manager Support

The manager of the delegate(s) will receive a telephone call from the trainer before the course to check any specific needs.  The manager can input at this point with scenarios for role-plays or exercises.

After the training, the manager will receive a telephone call from the trainer with feedback, action points, or further training needs.

Action points are documented in the delegate’s workbook, which makes it easy for their manager to see at a glance what was covered and the action points to implement.


No travel costs are incurred for the trainer if the training is within a 20 mile radius.  London is within easy reach, and all travel and parking costs will be added to the training fee.